A4Tech PKS-635G – Web camera for sunny days

Source: A4Tech
A4Tech PKS-635G

A4Tech PKS-635G

A4Tech has released webcam with protection from glare – A4Tech PKS-635G.

Webcam A4Tech PKS-635G lens has anti-reflective coating, which becomes especially important with the approach of sunny days. Anti-reflective coating prevents glare and promotes the appearance of bright, saturated image.

The camera delivers fast transfer of video without the delays and distortions. With automatic exposure and white balance you’ll always look natural under any lighting conditions. Another feature – the possibility of interpolation to 16 megapixel.By itself, the sensor has a resolution of 640×480 pixels. To chat does not require pre-installation of the driver. Simply connect the camera to the USB-port and start chatting. Built-in microphone provides high-quality sound transmission during Internet communication, and fixing the vacuum chamber can securely attach to any flat surface.

Due to the flexible support, the camera can continuously vary at any convenient angle for the video, capturing your every move. Sliding lens cover for protection will not allow the deposition of dust on the lens when the webcam is not being used. Button for photography allows you to make a picture with one click. Special software allows you to A4Tech use different image settings – change the size, brightness, contrast, add various special effects, frames and more.

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